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71 Dye Sensitized Solar Cells: A Review ABSTRACT

Ajay Jena, Shyama Prasad Mohanty, Pragyensh Kumar, Johns Naduvath, Vivekanand Gondane, P. Lekha, Jaykrushna Das, Harsh Kumar Narula, S. Mallick and P. Bhargava*

71 Synthesis of Fe-Mn Black Pigments by Using Hematite Waste and Manganese Ore Mixtures ABSTRACT

Belgin Tanisan and Servet Turan

71 Iron Ore Tailing: A Waste Material used in Ceramic Tile Compositions as Alternative Source of Raw Materials ABSTRACT

Swapan Kumar Das*, Jiten Ghosh1, Ashok Kumar Mandal2, Nar Singh and Surajit Gupta

71 Preparation and Properties of Water Repellent Polystyrene-TiO2 Coatings ABSTRACT

T. Sundararajan1, S. Abirami1, P. Manohar1 and S. T. Aruna*

71 Self Cleaning on Photocatalyst Basis of Nano-Crystalline TiO2 Thin Film Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis ABSTRACT

G. Kavei*, K. Ahmadi and A. Kavei1

71 Transparent Polycrystalline Ceramics: An Overview ABSTRACT

Roy Johnson*, P. Biswas, P. Ramavath, R. S. Kumar and G. Padmanabham

71 Structural, Mechanical and Frictional Studies on Carbon-Fly ash-Ceramic Composites ABSTRACT

L. M. Manocha*, Guddu Prasad and S. Manocha

71 Controlled Crystallization of and Spherulitic Morphology in Li2O.2SiO2-BaO.2SiO2 Glasses ABSTRACT

Burcu Ertuğ* and Erdem Demirkesen1

71 Preparation of Alumina and Alumina-Ceria Microspheres using an Internal Gelation Process and their Characterization ABSTRACT

B. V. Gangar, K. Nagarajan1, R. Venkata Krishnan1 and A. B. Pandit*

71 Optical Pulse Propagation in Cylindrical Waveguide Doped with Silver Nano-particles ABSTRACT

Rik Chattopadhyay and Shyamal K Bhadra*

71 Alumina: A Key-Component of Structured Catalysts for Process Intensification ABSTRACT

Carlo Giorgio Visconti*

71 Effect of Nucleating Agents on the Crystallization and Microstructural Characteristics of Blast Furnace Slag Derived Glass-Ceramics ABSTRACT

Kaberi Das*, Sanjay Raha, Dibyendu Chakraborty, Burhanuddin and Sk. Saheb Ali

71 Effect of Operating Parameters on the Mechanical Activation Process of Mica Powder ABSTRACT

Ljubiša Andrić*, Zagorka Aćimović-Pavlović1, Milan Trumić2, Milena Kostović3 and Nadežda Ćalić4

71 SiCp/Al2O3 Ceramic Matrix Composites Prepared by Directed Oxidation of an Aluminium Alloy for Wear Resistance Applications ABSTRACT

M. Devaiah*, S. Santhosh Kumar, T. Srihari1 and T. Rajasekharan

71 Dry Sizing and Shaping Technique for Ceramic Tiles ABSTRACT

Bin Xu* and Junpeng Shao

71 Effect of Polyvinyl Alcohol on Stability and Rheology of Nano Kaolinite Suspensions ABSTRACT

S. Sakthivelu, S. Manisha Vidyavathy and P. Manohar
pages 175-180

71 Sputtering-Pressure Dependent Optical and Microstructural Properties Variations in DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtered Titanium Nitride Thin Films ABSTRACT

Emmanuel Ajenifuja, A. Yisau Fasasi and Gabriel Ayo Osinkolu
pages 181-188

71 PTCR Effect of Chip Type Ba1.005-xSmxTiO3 Ceramics Prepared by Reduction Sintering-Reoxidation Method ABSTRACT

Xuxin Cheng, Dongxiang Zhou, Qiuyun Fu and Shuping Gong
pages 189-194

71 An Experimental Design for the Optimization of Brick Manufacturing Procedure: Application on the Late Miocene Clays, Southern Tunisia ABSTRACT

Mabrouk Eloussaief , Nadim Fakhfakh, Ali Sdiri, Samir Bouaziz and Mourad Benzina
pages 195-202

71 Glass Sealants and Their Interaction Study with Interconnect Materials ABSTRACT

K. Singh
pages 203-206

71 NMR Studies of Strontium Zinc Silicate Based Glass/Glass-Ceramic Sealants for High Temperature Applications ABSTRACT

Babita Tiwari, V. Sudarsan, S. C. Gadkari, G. P. Kothiyal and L. Montagne
pages 207-210

71 Light Induced Effects in Chalcogenide Glasses, Glass-Ceramics and Crystals ABSTRACT

Michal Piasecki
pages 211-214

71 Qualitative Analysis of Radiation Induced Structural Changes in Alkali Aluminoborate Glasses: Raman Spectroscopy ABSTRACT

Gopi Sharma, Neetu Chopra, N. P. Singh, S. Baccaro and M. Falconieri
pages 215-218

71 Grain Size Limit of Nanocrystalline Materials Obtained by Annealing Bulk Metallic Glasses ABSTRACT

Arun Pratap, Ashmi T. Patel, Heena R. Shevde and Kirit N. Lad
pages 219-221

71 Flow and Rheological Response of Model Glasses ABSTRACT

Fathollah Varnik, Suvendu Mandal and Markus Gross
pages 222-224

71 Physical, Optical and Structural Properties of xLi2O-(50–x)Bi2O3-10ZnO-40B2O3 Glasses ABSTRACT

Sajjan Dahiya, A. S. Maan, R. Punia, R. S. Kundu and S. Murugavel
pages 225-228

71 Synthesis of Lithium Orthosilicate by Solution Combustion Technique and Its Microwave Sintering ABSTRACT

J. Gorinta, A. Choudhary, S. Bhattacharyya, P. Chaudhuri and R. Mazumder
pages 229-231

71 Studies on Thermo-Physical and Bonding Properties of SiO2-SrO-B2O3-ZnO-P2O5 Glasses ABSTRACT

Anupam Dixit, M. Goswami, Jitendra Nuwad and G. P. Kothiyal
pages 232-234

71 Effect of Crystallization Rate on Sealing Behaviour of BaO-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2-La2O3-TiO2 Glass System ABSTRACT

P. Nandi, A. S. Patil, B. Paul, A. Sarkar, M. Goswami and G. P. Kothiyal
pages 235-238

71 Structural and Electrical Characterizations of Lanthanum Chromite: Effect of Synthesis Routes ABSTRACT

Pravin Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Singh and Prabhakar Singh
pages 239-242

71 Nano-Porous Structure of a Porous Ceramics from Rice Husk ABSTRACT

Reshma Raut Dessai, J. A. E. Desa, D. Sen and S. Mazumder
pages 243-246

71 Heat Transfer Model for Metal Carbide Production ABSTRACT

G. S. Gupta, R. Kumar, N. Kumar, T. A. Abinandanan, S. Anthonysamy, V. Ganesan and P. R. Vasudeva Rao
pages 247-249

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