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61 The Effect of Sintering Atmosphere on the Dielectric Constant and Density of PMN Ceramics ABSTRACT

Dhirendra Mohan, Ram Prasad and S. Baneqee
Pages : 1-4
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800007

61 Development of Multiphase Ceramic-Ceramic Composites for Plutonium Burning ABSTRACT

U. Basak, K. B. Khan, A. K. Sengupta, R. Ramachandran and S.Majumdar
Pages : 5-8
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800008

61 Estimation of Sulphide Sulphur in a Typical Amber Glass - A Quality Control Check ABSTRACT

Supriyo Dasgupta
Pages : 9-11
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800009

61 Rheological Behaviour of Silicic Acid Sol in Relation to Interaction with Certain Cations ABSTRACT

M. K. Naskar, M. Chatterjee and D. Ganguli
Pages : 12-16 DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800010

61 Effect of Composition on AC-Eiectrical Resistivity of Ni-Zn Ferrites Prepared by Flash Combustion Technique ABSTRACT

R. V. Mangalaraja, S. Ananthakumar, P. Manohar and F. D. Gnanam
Pages : 17-19
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800011

61 Development of Forsterite Refractories from Indian Olivine ABSTRACT

Ritwik Sarkar and R. K. Sinha
Pages : 20-22
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800012

61 Building Tiles from the Interaction of Earth Mud and Caustic Soda ABSTRACT

J. L. Gumaste and B. C. Swain
Pages : 23-25
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800013

61 Measurement of Heat Flux and Heat Transfer Coefficient of an Oxy-Hydrogen Flame Used for Thermal Shock Test ABSTRACT

P. K. Panda, V. A. Jaleel and G. Lefebvre
Pages : 26-28
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800014

61 Measurement of Heat Flux and Heat Transfer Coefficient of an Oxy-Hydrogen Flame Used for Thermal Shock Test ABSTRACT

P. K. Panda, V. A. Jaleel and G. Lefebvre
Pages : 26-28
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800014

61 Effect of Globalization-cum-Liberali!ation on Ceramic Industry in India ABSTRACT

D. R. Sen
Pages : 35-36
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800017

61 Technological Upgradation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs} in Traditional Ceramics ABSTRACT

K. N. Maiti
Pages : 51-56
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800026

61 Processing and Characterization of Improved Multilayer Ceramic Z5U Capacitors ABSTRACT

Japes Bera
Pages : 57-59
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800027

61 Room Temperature Mechanical Behaviour of MoSi2 Based Laminated Composites ABSTRACT

R. Mitra and N. Eswara Prasad
Pages : 60-68
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800028

61 Aluminium Titanate Ceramics - A Review ABSTRACT

Saikat Maitra, Shiladitya Bhattacharya, Gouranga Sil and Soumen Mondal
Pages : 69-74
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800029

61 Strength and Microstructure of Sintered a-Silicon Carbide Prepared from Nano-Crystalline Particles Doped with Boron Carbide ABSTRACT

M.S. Datta, A. K. Bandyopadhyay* and B. Chaudhuri
Pages : 75-79
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800030

61 Olivine - The Potential Industrial Mineral ABSTRACT

Ritwik Sarkar
Pages : 80-82
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800031

61 Some Studies on Ceramic Body Compositions for Wall and Floor Tiles ABSTRACT

Kausik Dana and Swapan Kr. Das
Pages : 83-86
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800032

61 On the Chemical Leaching of Kaolins and their Thermally Treated Products ABSTRACT

Sathy Chandrasekhar and S.Ramaswamy
Pages : 87-92
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800033

61 Study on Utilization of Neyveli Clay in the Production of Value Added Ceramics ABSTRACT

V. Viswabaskaran, F. D. Gnanam and M. Balasubramanian
Pages : 93-97
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800034

61 Ti82 Whiskers through Carbothermal Reduction of Ti02 and 820 3 ABSTRACT

R. V. Krishnarao and J. Subrahmanyam
Pages : 107-110
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800042

61 Evaluation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Ceramic Honeycomb Substrates for Long Term Durability ABSTRACT

Rathindra Nath Das, C. D. Madhusoodana and Kiyoshi Okada
Pages : 111-117
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800043

61 Expert System : A Tool for Expert Decision ABSTRACT

B. K. Chakrabarty
Pages : 118-121
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800044

61 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sol-Gel Derived Mullite Containing Needle-Like Grains ABSTRACT

M. Shahida Banu and F. D. Gnanam
Pages : 122-124
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800045

61 Control of Refractory Properties by Change of Granulometric Compositions of Raw Materials ABSTRACT

R. K. Pradhan, A. K. Sarkar and R. K. Bhattacharyya
Pages : 125-128
DOi : 0.1080/0371750X.2002.10800046

61 Studies on Cordierite-Mullite Body - Part-Ill : Effect of Alumina in a Sillimanite Based Cordierite Composition ABSTRACT

K. N. Maiti and K. C. Singh
Pages : 129-134
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800047

61 Environmental Evaluation and Assessment of Ceramic Manufacturing Systems ABSTRACT

S. R. Sastry and L. Udaya Simha
Pages : 135-140
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800048

61 Processing of AI20 3-V-PSZ Laminated Ceramic Composites ABSTRACT

S. Deb and B. V. Radhakrishna Bhat
Pages : 145-151
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800053

61 Hydration and Some Other Properties of Polyethylene Glycol Modified Cement Products ABSTRACT

V. K. Singh, S. D. Khatri and R. K.Singh
Pages : 152-161
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800054

61 Role of Preformed Magnesia-Alumina Spinel Additives on the Properties of High Alumina Castable ABSTRACT

S. Mukhopadhyay and P. K. Das Poddar
Pages : 162-167
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800055

61 Development of a Volume Stable Stoneware Body for Manufacturing Crockery ABSTRACT

C. S. Prasad, Dinesh Kumar, D. P. Karmakar, A. K. Gupta and S. Chakrabarti
Pages : 168-172
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800056

61 Spinellisation Study of Three Different Mg0-AI20 3 Compositions Using a Dilatometer ABSTRACT

Ritwik Sarkar, Goutam Banerjee* and Tapan Kr. Pal
Pages : 173-175
DOi : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800057

61 Characterization of Aluminous Clays from Tamilnadu ABSTRACT

Viswabaskaran, M.Balasubramanian* and F. D. Gnanam
Pages : 176-180
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2002.10800058

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