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73 Effect of Zinc Doping on Biological Properties of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Ceramics in Orthopaedic Animal Model ABSTRACT

Howa Begam1, Somali Mandal1, Abhijit Chanda1, Jayanta Mukherjee2 and Samit Kumar Nandi*
Pages : 284-292
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.929509

73 Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of High Temperature Coating Insulators Based on By-Product of Algerian Kaolin ABSTRACT

N. Bouzidi*, M. A. Bouzidi1, K. Bouguermouh, R. O. Nunes2, N. Benabdeslem, L. Mahtout and D. Merabet
Pages : 277-283
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.926782

73 Effects of Sm3+ and Gd3+ Co-doping on Thermo-Physical Properties of LaMgAl11O19 ABSTRACT

Li Jiansheng* and Liu Yanli
Pages : 270-276
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922898

73 Refractories of Alumina-Silica System ABSTRACT

Kausik Dana, Somnath Sinhamahapatra, Himansu Sekhar Tripathi and Arup Ghosh*
pages 1-13

73 Irreversible Dilatometry as a Tool for Body Composition and Firing Schedule Design in Traditional Ceramics ABSTRACT

Parvesh Agrawal and Satyendra Nath Misra*
pages 14-21
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2013.870049

73 Effect of Silver Oxide on Colour Variation and Gloss of an Opaque Glaze ABSTRACT

L. I. Israil1, K. Köseoglu1 and H. Cengizler*
pages 22-30
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2013.868322

73 Mullite-Corundum Composites from Bauxite: Effect of Chemical Composition ABSTRACT

Atul V. Maldhure*, H. S. Tripathi, A. Ghosh and S. K. Das
psges 31-36
DOI; 10.1080/0371750X.2013.870050

73 Synthesis and Photoluminescence of -Al2O3 and C-doped -Al2O3 Powders ABSTRACT

S. F. Wang, C. F. Zhuang1, Y. G. Yuan1, X. Xiang*, G. Z. Sun, Q. P. Ding, Z. J. Li and X. T. Zu
pages 37-42
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2014.890464

73 Crystallization Behaviour of Willemite Crystalline Glazes in Presence of NiO, TiO2 and Fe2O3 ABSTRACT

P. Tabrizian, B. Eftekhari Yekta* and M. Kord
pages 43-47
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2013.868324

73 Beneficiation of Low Grade Kaolin by High Shear Agitation with Dispersant (HSD) Pre-Treatment for High Yield and Improved Fired Colour ABSTRACT

Parvesh Agrawal*, Satyendra Nath Misra and T. Sharma1
pages 48-57
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2014.890462

73 Innovative Design of Processing Glazed Archaized Tiles ABSTRACT

Bin Xu,1, 2* Junpeng Shao1 and Jianjun Liu2
pages 58-62
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2014.890774

73 Effect of Flux Addition on Mechanical and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Barium Zinc Tantalate Ceramics ABSTRACT

Swathi Manivannan, V. S. Surya Chandra,1 P. K. Sharma,2 K. C. James Raju1 and Dibakar Das*
pages 87-89

72 Electrophoretic Deposition of Thin Film Zirconia Electrolyte on Non-conducting NiO-YSZ Substrate ABSTRACT

Debasish Das and Rajendra N. Basu
pages : 90-93
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922701

73 Machining of ZrB2-SiC Composites by Wire-EDM Technique ABSTRACT

N. Saha,* S. Chakraborty,1 P. P. Dey and P. K. Das1
pages : 94-97
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922420

73 Synthesis of Mullite Precursor Powder in Diphasic Gel Form ABSTRACT

Rupali Singh* and Sunipa Bhattacharyya
pages: 98-101
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922422

73 Synthesis, Characterization and Vapour Sensing Properties of Nanosized ZnFe2O4 ABSTRACT

M. Maharajan, M. D. Mursalin, M. Narjinary, P. Rana, S. Sen* and A. Sen
pages : 102-104
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922421

73 Effect of Alumina Addition on 45S5 Bioglass ABSTRACT

P. Dey*, S. K. Pal and R. Sarkar
pages: 105-109
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922423

73 Hydroxyapatite-Chitosan and Gelatin Based Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering ABSTRACT

Kanchan Maji and Sudip Dasgupta*
pages: 110-114
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922424

73 Lanthanum Phosphate Containing Machinable Alumina Ceramics for Bio-Medical Applications ABSTRACT

Abhishek Badolia, Ritwik Sarkar* and S. K. Pal
pages : 115-120
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922425

73 Study on the Development of Machinable Hydroxyapatite - Yttrium Phosphate Composite for Biomedical Applications ABSTRACT

Rupita Ghosh, Sumit Pal and Ritwik Sarkar
pages : 121-125
DOI :10.1080/0371750X.2014.922426

73 Ambient and Elevated Temperature Geopolymerization Behaviour of Class F Fly Ash ABSTRACT

S. K. Nath,* S. Mukherjee,1 S. Maitra2 and Sanjay Kumar
pages : 126-132
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922428

73 Development of Building Material from Geopolymerization of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) ABSTRACT

Arvind Pathak,1 Sanjay Kumar 2 and Vinay Kumar Jha*
pages: 133-137
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922429

73 Investigating the Suitability of Nigerian Calcined Kaolins as Raw Materials for Geopolymer Binders ABSTRACT

Mary B. Ogundiran* and Oluwatosin J. Ikotun
pages : 138-142
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922430

73 Development of Geopolymer Concrete from Fly Ash and Bottom Ash Mixture ABSTRACT

Deependra Kumar Sinha*, A. Kumar and Sanjay Kumar1
pages : 143-148
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922427

73 Strength Characteristics of Open Air Cured Geopolymer Concrete ABSTRACT

G. S. Manjunatha1, Radhakrishna*, K. Venugopal2 and Sasalatti Vinod Maruthi3
pages : 149-156
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.923330

73 Study of Geopolymer Type Paste and Concrete from High Calcium Mongolian Fly Ashes ABSTRACT

JadambaaTemuujin*, Amgalan Minjigmaa, Tsoodol Zolzaya and Batmunkh Davaabal
pages : 157-160
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922431

73 Sintering and Thermal Shock Resistance Properties of LaPO4 Based Composite Refractories ABSTRACT

S. S. Sujith, S. L. Arun Kumar1, K. V. Mahesh, A. Peer Mohamed and S. Ananthakumar*
pages: 161-164
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922435

73 Development of Aluminium Oxychloride Bonded Fused Magnesia Based Basic Refractory Castable ABSTRACT

B. K. Sanfui and T. K. Parya*
pages: 165-171
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922432

73 Auto Combustion Synthesis for Magnesium Aluminate Spinel Using Glycine as Fuel and its Sintering Study ABSTRACT

Ritwik Sarkar* and Swagatika Das
pages : 172-176
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922436

73 Effect of Nano MgO Addition on the Properties and Performance of Precast Seating Blocks ABSTRACT

N. Sahoo*, P. R. Rauta, L. N. Padhi, Sk Basir Md1, S. P. Das1 and J. N.Tiwari1
pages: 177-180
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922433

73 Non-Isothermal Kinetic Evaluation of Pyrophyllite Dehydroxylation ABSTRACT

Mostofa Shamim, Atiar Rahaman Molla1, Tapas Kumar Mukhopadhyay2 and Kausik Dana*
pages : 181-186
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922434

73 Effect of K3PO4, K2HPO4, KH2PO4 and H3PO4 as Dispersing Agents on the Rheological Behaviour of Kaolin Suspensions ABSTRACT

Rym Dhouib Sahnoun*, Alya Charfi and Jamel Bouaziz
pages : 193-196
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.882245

73 Preparation and Characterization of Single Layer Ultra Filtration Alumina Membrane Directly over Porous Clay-Alumina Tubular and Capillary Support for Textile Effluent Treatment ABSTRACT

Sandeep Sarkar*, Sourja Ghosh, Priya Banerjee, André Larbot1, Sophie Cerneaux1, Sibdas Bandyopadhyay and Chiranjib Bhattacharjee2
pages : 197-204
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.882246

73 Mineralogical Characterization and Thermal Transformations of Talc-Carbonate Rocks from Agoundis (High-Atlas, Morocco) ABSTRACT

M. Nciri1, M. Hajjaji* and A. Dekayir1
pages : 205-210
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.885387

73 Synthesis, Characterization and Bandgap Evaluation of Bismuth Ferrite-Zinc Ferrite Nanocomposites prepared by Chemical Route ABSTRACT

Soumya Mukherjee* and Manoj Kumar Mitra
pages : 211-215
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.886529

73 Surface Degradation Behaviour of MgO-Al2O3-TiO2-SiO2 based Glass-Ceramics ABSTRACT

S. Ghosh* and S. Datta
pages : 216-220
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.893205

73 Fabrication of Zirconia Fibers by a Sol-Gel Combined Rotational Centrifugal Spinning Technique ABSTRACT

Guoxun Sun, Xiaoyong Du,1 Mingxia Zhang,1 Changling Zhou,1 Juan Chen and Futian Liu*
pages : 228-232
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.897261

73 Effect of Curing Temperature on Surface Characteristics of TiO2-Fe2O3 Multi Oxide Thin Film Deposited over Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles ABSTRACT

Asha Anil*, Indranil Payra1 and Satyendra Nath Misra
pages : 221-227
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.896225

73 Cobalt Doping Effects on the Mechanical and Electrical Parameters of Bi1.5Zn0.92Nb1.5O6.92 Solid Solution ABSTRACT

A. F. Qasrawi*, Haneen N. M. Jaradat and A. Mergen1
pages : 233-238
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.901902

73 Process for Preparation of Low Cost Clay-Alumina Multichannel Ceramic Membrane for Liquid Filtration Application ABSTRACT

Sandeep Sarkar*
pages : 239-244
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.888319

73 Preparation and Characterization of SnO2 Nanofibers by Electrospinning ABSTRACT

M. Chandraiah, Benudhar Sahoo and Prasanta Kumar Panda*
Pages : 266-269
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.923786

73 Influence of Critical Parameters on the Properties of Plasma Sprayed Coatings Prepared from Spray Dried Alumina Powder ABSTRACT

S. T. Aruna* and N. Balaji
Pages : 293-298
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.969773

73 Hot Isostatic Pressing of ZnS Powder and CVD ZnS Ceramics: Comparative Evaluation of Physico-chemical, Microstructural and Transmission Properties ABSTRACT

Pandu Ramavath, Papiya Biswas, Roy Johnson*, G. Jagan Reddy1 and P. Laxminarayana2
Pages : 299-302
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.931252

73 Effect of Fuel Concentration on the Properties of Combustion Synthesized MgAl2O4 Spinel Powders ABSTRACT

Abhisek Choudhary1, K. Rajeswari, Y. S. Rao and Roy Johnson*
Pages : 303-306
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.943911

73 Effect of Strontium Doping on the Microstructures and Dielectric Properties of Lanthanum Titanate Ceramics ABSTRACT

Gang Chen,* Jian Chen, Chunlin Fu, Xiaodong Peng1, Wei Cai and Xiaoling Deng
Pages : 307-311
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.957866

73 Effect of Temperature on the Rheological Behaviour, Slip Casting Rate and Densification of Calcium Hydroxyapatite Slurry ABSTRACT

Howa Begam*, Sarmita Sinha, Samit Kumar Nandi1 and Abhijit Chanda
Pages : 312-317
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.959136


Pages : 255-256
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2015.1004617

73 The Optical Fiber ABSTRACT

Ajoy Ghatak
Pages : 257-265
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2014.1003273

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