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78 Thermal Characterization of Rhombohedral Ceramics (RE6UO12) of Interest in Nuclear Industry ABSTRACT

Rajagopal Babu, Raghavendran Venkata Krishnan,* Gude Jogeswararao, Abhiram Senapati, Krishnamurthy Ananthasivan and Kitheri Joseph
pages : 1-6 DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1567395

78 Micro-Porosity and Properties of Light-Weight Insulation Refractories Based on Calcined Flint Clay ABSTRACT

Jianbo Liu,a Yuanbing Li,a,b,* Shujing Li,a,b Nana Xu,a Ruofei Xianga and Qingheng Wanga
Page : 7-12
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1566023

78 Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Powder Flowability Characteristics of Rare-Earth Aluminate (ReAlO3, Re = La, Gd, Nd, Y) Powders ABSTRACT

Srinivasulu Kasala* and Manisha Vidyavathy Sudandara Doss
Pages : 13-19
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1566024

78 Effect of Microwave Sintering on the Properties of Zirconia Based Ceramic Electrolytes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells ABSTRACT

Payal Sharma,1, 2 Kanchan L Singh,1, * Anirudh P Singh,2 Chetan Sharma2 and Sonia Mago2
Pages : 20-23

78 Durability and Mechanical Behavior of Fly Ash-GGBFS Geopolymer Concrete Utilizing Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate ABSTRACT

Rachit Ghosh,a,* Sunil Kumar Gupta,b Anil Kumarc and Sanjay Kumara
Pages : 24-33
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1581092

78 Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of CNTs/-Fe2O3/PPy Composite as Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries ABSTRACT

Dawei Luo,* Jieda Wu, Yongji Ni, Chengcheng Wang and Ning Zhao
Pages : 34-40
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1583134

78 Effect of Calcination on Microstructure Development and Properties of Hydroxyapatite Powders Extracted from Human and Bovine Bones ABSTRACT

Kerim Emre Öksüz,1, * Seyran Kilinç2 and Ali Özer1
Pages : 41-45
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1588170

78 Preparation and Properties of Lead-Iron-Phosphate Nuclear Waste Glasses ABSTRACT

Goutam Hazra,1 Partha Mitra2 and Tanmoy Das3, *
Page : 69-77
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1598281

78 Thermal Shock Resistance of Precursor Derived Si-Hf-C-N(O) Foams ABSTRACT

Soumya Sridar,1 Eranezhuth Wasan Awin,1 Adhimoolam Bakthavachalam Kousaalya2 and Ravi Kumar1, *
Page : 78-82
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1595152

78 Influence of Bi2O3, TiO2 Additives and Sintering Process on the Performance of ITO Target Based on Normal Pressure Sintering Method ABSTRACT

Xiaoyu Zhai, Xueli Zhang, Yunqian Ma and Jiaxiang Liu*
Page : 83-88
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1605935

78 Synthesis, Impedance and Dielectric Studies of Double Doped Strontium Bismuth Niobate Ferroelectric Ceramics ABSTRACT

Bacchupalli Ravi Kumar, Nandiraju Venkata Prasad, Guduru Prasad and Gobburu Subramanyam Kumar*
Pages : 89-93
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1610068

78 Influence of Fine Al2O3 and Aluminium Nano-Particles on the 6061 Aluminium Alloy near the Grain Boundary of the Semi-Solid Cast Microstructure ABSTRACT

Mayank Agarwal1, 2, * and Rajeev Srivastava1
Pages : 94-100
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1615847

78 Study on Structural, Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric and Dielectric Properties of Ba0.92Ca0.08TiO3-BaTi0.96Zr0.04O3 Lead-Free Electroceramics ABSTRACT

Bhavna Keswani,* Shankar Patil and Yesappa Kolekar
Pages : 108-110
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1619483

78 Influence of Particle Size on the Electrical Properties and Magnetic Field Dependent I–V Characteristics of Nanocrystalline ZnFe2O4 ABSTRACT

Prabir Ghosh,1 Rabindra Nath Bhowmik,2 Swagata Bandyopadhyay1 and Partha Mitra1, *
Pages : 111-120
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1624618

78 Preparation of ex-situ Mixed Sintered Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Ceramics from Its Co-Precipitated Precursors and Their Characterization ABSTRACT

Ritwik Sarkar,a Akanksha Agrawala and Rupita Ghosha, b, *
Pages : 101-107
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1619484

78 Thermal, Mechanical and Optical Properties of TiO2-doped Sodium Silicate Glass-Ceramics ABSTRACT

Imtiaz Hussain,1, 2 Eric K. Barimah,2 Yaseen Iqbal,1 Gin Jose2 and Raz Muhammad3
Pages : 125-130
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1626287

78 Effect of Sn on Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Ni-Co Spinel Ferrite over LF and MF Range ABSTRACT

Karunanithi Ashok*, Basheer Masin, Hariharan Sreemoolanadhan and Mariamma Mathew
Pages : 131-136
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1632226

78 Friction Stir Welding of AA6082 Thin Aluminium Alloy Reinforced with Al2O3 Nanoparticles ABSTRACT

Sameer Mohammed and Anil Kumar Birru
Pages : 137-145
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1635046

78 Effect of Concrete Waste on Compressive Strength and Microstructure Development of Ceramic Geopolymer Pastes ABSTRACT

Ahmed S. Ouda1, 2, * and Khaled L. Abdel-Aal 2
Pages : 146-154
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1640637

78 Effect of TiB Addition on Corrosion Behavior of Titanium Composites under Neutral Chloride Solution ABSTRACT

Ramkumar Thulasiram,1,* Selvakumar Mani,2 Mohanraj Murugesan,3 Chandrasekar Palanisamy4 and Gobi Saravanan Kaliaraj5
Pages : 155-160
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1656548

78 Production and Characterization of Alumina and Steatite Based Ceramic Insulators ABSTRACT

Mehmet Seref Sonmez*, Sevki Samet Kaplan, Caglar Altun and Mahmut Ercan Acma
Pages : 161-164
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1657954

78 Thermal Shock Resistance of Porous Silicon Carbide Ceramics Prepared Using Clay and Alumina as Additives ABSTRACT

Dulal Das and Nijhuma Kayal
Pages : 165-171
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1665478

78 Investigation on the Combustion Behavior of Coal at Various Level of Washing in TGA and Drop Tube Furnace ABSTRACT

Santi Gopal Sahu, Pinaki Sarkar,* Uday Sankar Chattopadhyay, Ashis Mukherjee, Manish Kumar and Thonangi Gouri Charan
Pages : 181-186
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1668853

78 Dispersion Study of Zirconia Nano-Powders Using Dolapix CE64 and M65 Dispersant to Develop UF Membrane over Novel Clay-Alumina Based Ceramic Support for Water Treatment ABSTRACT

Surajit Dey,a Somendra Nath Roy,b Swachchha Majumdar,a Sourja Ghosha and Ganesh C. Sahooa, *
Pages : 187-194
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1671233

78 Structural, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Nanocrystalline y y y M Fe3 O /2 3-( /2) 4   (M = Li and Mg) Ferrites Synthesized via EDTA/EG Assisted Sol-Gel Method ABSTRACT

Roya Baladi and Khalilollah Gheisari*
Pages : 195-203
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1671901

78 Enhanced Strengths and Thermal Shock Resistance of SiC-BN-10 Vol% Cf Composites through ZrB2 Addition ABSTRACT

Ning Liao,a, b, c, d,* Dechang Jia,a, b,* Zhihua Yanga, b and Yawei Lic, d
Pages : 204-211
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1682054

78 Effect of Lanthanum Zirconate on High Temperature Resistance of Thermal Barrier Coatings ABSTRACT

Le Wang,a, b Yuelan Di,b, * Haidou Wang,b, * Xuehuan Li,c Lihong Dongb and Tao Liua, b
Pages: 212-218
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1690582

78 Synthesis and Optoelectronic Characteristics of MGdAl3O7:Eu3+ Nanophosphors for Current Display Devices ABSTRACT

Sonika Kadyan,a Sitender Singh,a Suman Sheoran,a Anura Samantilleke,b Bernabe Maric and Devender Singha, b, *
Pages : 219-226
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1690583

78 Semi-Conducting Glazes Based on Cassiterite Crystalline Phase for Porcelain Insulators Applications: Phase Evolution, Microstructure and Electrical Properties ABSTRACT

Mehdi Kheirkhah Gareh Bolagh,1 Bijan Eftekhari Yekta1 and Sara Banijamali2, *
Pages : 227-231
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2019.1696234

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